Travel System general questions

Yes, the carrycot is certified for overnight sleeping. We would recommend that the hood, apron and bumper bar are removed and the ventilation panels are open when being used for overnight sleeping.
The Ark is a full travel system so not only is it possible to switch between a car seat, carrycot and seat function, the seat can be parent-facing or world-facing, according to your child’s needs.

The Ark travel adapters are currently compatible with the Maxi Cosi car seat range. Please ensure that your car seat is securely attached. Please don’t leave your little rider unattended at any time.

I-Size BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1, Cosatto Dock, Cybex Aton M i-Size, Joie i-Gemm, Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Maxi-Cosi Tinca, Maxi-Cosi Marble, Maxi-Cosi Coral and Nuna Pipa Icon.

Group 0+, BeSafe iZi Go X1, Cybex Aton M, Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Nuna Pipa Lite

A buggy board can be easily and securely attached to the back frame of the pushchair. It is advisable to extend the parent handle to the maximum height to extend the stride length for the walking user at this time.
The Ark wheels are our patented design that create effective suspension that protects from bumps in the road. The honeycomb shape of the wheel absorbs impact when the weight in the pushchair is more substantial, while hidden castor springs in the frame provide sensitive protection for even the tiniest of riders.
The outer element of the wheels are made of a patented Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that has elastic properties. We have used this material as it is known for its durability as well as functionality within a broad range of temperatures.
The Ark travel system is suitable from birth with the recommendation to use the carrycot until the child is able to support itself in a sitting position.
Our current colour options are Melange Grey, Black, Teal Green, Mustard Yellow, and Coral Red. It is possible to purchase the alternate colour packs for your buggy, if you fancy a change
Our travel system is delivered in 2 boxes Box 1 includes: The frame, 4 wheels, seat, carry cot, PU leather hand-stitched bumper bar, shopping basket which will be attached to the frame, and the rain cover that is suitable for both the carrycot and seat. Box 2 includes: Seat pad, carrycot cover and hood, in your preferred choice of colour.
There are 3 recline angles for the seat. The first is an upright position for toddlers and pre-schoolers, next is close to a 45-degree angle for a more relaxed seating position. The third position is 15-degree recline angle, with the foot rest moved to a flat position allows daytime sleeping. Please ensure that you use the 5-point safety harness at all times.
Natural fabrics can achieve stringent fire retardancy regulations without the need for being soaked in chemicals, so they can provide a chemical-free alternative to synthetic fabric options, that can cause skin irritations. Our choice of natural fabrics are breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
The ARK travel system can be folded in one piece with the seat attached. The carrycot needs to be removed to fold the frame.
There is a very simple and fool-proof, twin-button system that is pressed on the middle frame attachment, reached by placing a hand underneath the seat from the front of the pushchair. Please see the instruction manuals for further diagrams.
The brake is foot operated. In pressing the pedal down towards the pushchair frame, this moves the steel locking pins outwards to secure the rear wheels.
The ARK is referred to as a 3 in 1 as it has car seat adapters that allow you to attach your first stage car seat to the frame. It therefore has three different modes on the one frame.
The Ark travel system has met or exceeded all the EN testing that it needs both for wheeled goods (EN 1888), and carrycot regulations (EN1466). We work with fabric mills that are Oeko-Tex certified so we know that the environment is preserved and high standards for workers are maintained.
Yes, the rain cover attaches to both travel modes.
Ark is designed and engineered in Cheltenham UK, by our product development team. We manufacturer the products in a variety of locations according to specialist needs, these factories are mainly located in China.
A seat pad comes as part of the original bundle of the travel system. This ensures maximum comfort for your little one. It also ensures that their skin is next to natural fabrics at all times.
ARK has a full range of accessories, ranging from five different colour packs, to our washable seat pad and waterproof mattress protector; then there’s the infinitely handy Grab & Go bag and our luxuriously cosy footmuff we call The Snuggle. Please take a look at the shop for more info.
The Ark travel system is for one carrycot or seat only.

The basket holds 28 litres if loaded to the top. It has been tested to hold up to 10kg in weight.

After Sales

We have full user guides and videos available on our YouTube channel, or you could visit one of our retail partners or a local pop-up shop for a full demonstration. The instruction manuals that come in the product box, are also available on the website and are easy to download.
The demonstration videos are available on the Ark you tube channel.
All manuals are available to download from our customer service area.
This really depends on your child’s development, specifically, their core muscle strength. Once a child can sit up unaided, they should move out of the carry cot and into the seat attachment. This is usually at around 6 months.
Minor adjustments on the harness straps can be made via the buckles on the straps at the front of the child. This ensures that you can make sure the child is secure around clothing. The seat also has 3 fixed height slots that are accessed by a zip in the back panel of the seat so that you can move the harness up as your child grows.
The Snuggle attaches to the seat through toggles at the back of the seat; two at the top, and two at the edge of the inner seat. The harness straps need to be passed through the gaps in the Snuggle to ensure your little rider is safe and secure.
The rain cover has an elasticated edge that keeps it neatly in place. The black fabric part goes over the hood, with the clear area covering the seating area to ensure the rider is kept dry. The one rain cover is suitable for the carrycot and seat solution. Please air dry the rain cover after use, before storage. The rain cover can be kept in the shopping basket or hood pocket, so it is always on hand when needed.
The bumper bar is attached and replaced with a clip on both sides. It can be swivelled to the side or completely removed as per your preference.


Registering your Ark travel system allows us to contact you if there are any upgrades or amends required to your system. Registering your Ark also extends your warranty by a further 12 months.
The serial number is located on the inside of the frame. The serial number is also the reference code printed inside the box.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It can be washed by sponging down the frame and wheels and then drying with a soft, lint-free cloth.
The practical and durable PU leather should be cared for as regular leather. We suggest cleaning with a damp cloth and to use a transparent conditioning leather cleaner, to maintain the appearance and finish.
Sponge down with a small amount of washing up liquid for more stubborn stains. The seat pad can be removed and washed at 40 degrees. We suggest drying the seat-pad out of the direct sunlight.  


Yes, it can be taken abroad in any mode of transportation, although it may not fit into some plane cabin sized storage lockers. The seat can be folded down attached to the frame so it can remain as a single unit.
The carrycot is only suitable for an infant that cannot sit up unaided, roll over or push itself up on its hands or knees. Therefore, the child will not need a further strap support. Please do not leave your child unattended in the pushchair at any time.
The outer element of the wheels are made of a patented Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This has elastic properties. We have used this material as it is known for its ability to cope with a broad range of temperatures without modifying. Unlike rubber it wont leave marks on your internal flooring.
The carrycot is a lie flat solution so doesn’t require a recline option for daytime sleeping.