What’s up with our Wheel’s?

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They’re probably the first thing you notice. Okay, maybe they come second after the lovely colours of the pushchair. Either way, you might be thinking “those are cool, but what do they do?” We’re talking about the Ark Wheels.

These jazzy wheels are the last link of the chain in the Ark dual-layer suspension system. Yes, two layers. We know, cool.

Before the wheels, our super-sensitive springs inside the frame give softness for your newborn, when they’re so cute and light.
Our springs are even more sensitive than most, giving a rattle-free ride for your little one.
OK, this isn’t too revolutionary, most pushchairs have springs.

Yet, babies inevitably grow, causing spring suspensions to be squished by the weight. This happens to our system too, but then it grows with your baby, this is where our wheels kick into action.

The honeycomb wheels have been cleverly designed to deliver two layers of suspension as they compress and absorb shock on impact. The look is quite different but they are meant to be that way! The pattern design means that the wheel itself flexes when the pushchair goes over large or small bumps giving a smoother ride for the child. They also cushion any impact if you inadvertently crash your pushchair into a curb that is too high to go over! The special design also has groove in the tyre so it flexes over lumps and bumps. The material is much more durable than standard foam that most wheels are made out of and will last twice as long. They have a mud resistant finish so that they are really easy to clean off under the tap.
So they’re not just for looks, these wheels will smoothen out the ride as you head around town or wander down country paths.

The wheels are different, but a good kind of different. We hope you agree.

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